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A Linux web server with a USB XBee module is at the core of the home sensor network. Various wireless XBee nodes transmit data to this server over a point to multi-point configuration. The data from these nodes is typically fed into rrdtool databases, and exported into graphs for remote access through the web server.


Sparkfun USB XBee explorer board.

XBee Pro series 1 with U.FL connector.

7dB omnidirectional antenna (not shown).


A perl script reads sensor data from the XBee module on the USB / serial port. It then parses each line, and in most instances, pushes the data into existing rrdtool databases.

A shell script is run as a cron job every 5 mins. This script processes data from the rrdtool databases, creating the images that are accessed through the web server.

Finally a lighttpd web server is used to display the graphs and values.


TODO: Push scripts and config files into github respository